I grew up shooting with a tiny red point-and-shoot & developed a love for this art from a young age. My soul yearns to empower my clients to recognize their worth while painting a picture of their individual story. 

Ya wanna know what lights me up? Making people feel known, understood & valued in a world that often provokes doubt. Let's be real, this life can get hella overwhelming & confusing. I'm right there with you.

Dear, you have so much to offer & your legacy is worthy of being told! Let me tell it! Weather you'd like more details about my photography, share similar interests in all things organic, or just want to chat, I'm here for you!

xo - Claire 

Kombucha drinker, plant-eater, thrifting queen, writer, moment collector, wild dream chaser, & encourager.

I photograph bold entrepreneurs + small businesses looking to capture what sets their brand apart, vibrant seniors who want something unique, & unconventional families desiring their honest story to be told. 

In life, I'm most passionate about empowering humans to see their innate value & recklessly chase after what's on their heart, in-spite of other people's opinions. 

I'm claire olivia


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