I tell the stories of vibrant humans. The ones who don't like to follow the norm but instead unintentionally set the trends. The ones who are unconventional & aren't a fan of being "basic." And the ones who, though it may be difficult at times, strive to live in their individual truth, in-spite of other people's opinions. 

The Claire Olivia Photo experience goes far beyond taking photos of you. At the core of my work & heart, is a deep desire to make you feel known & valued, to encourage you to recognize your innate worth & live with confidence. 


Working with me is like hanging out with an old friend. We will most likely chat over coffee (or turmeric teas), so I can get to know you & deliver a customized experience. Together, we style a session around your unique personality, family or brand. I provide guidance regarding preparation for your session, clothing tips, & hair stylists + make up artist recommendations. I work to deliver a joyful & meaningful experience, along with authentic, emotive & beautiful photography that illustrates you & your story. 

I can't wait to meet you & hear your heart! 

xo - Claire 


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